Oh my


I was bored in my car on the way to davis. LOL

It WAS a double rainbow, except my shit cellphone camera couldnt get it in all its glory xD

Yo, Justin!!

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new climbing tree

In the sink! For the lack of drawings and stuffs have kittens instead c:

my little ones… ;u;


Meet the Clinically Depressed Heavy (by Spunky Nipple)

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just look at that silly sweetie. idk why I filmed something like this but I’m glad I did, it’s currently one of my favorite videos, so weird haha. jesus I miss her. I’m sorry for all these cat posts lately

Meet the Solider directed by Michael Bay

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i might be slightly tipsy. hi tumblr


Levels || ikpure

Who’s Cooking Tonight - I recommend. Deeply.

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