Anonymous asked:
Is it a guy or a girl?

Does it matter..? ;o; aaeee

Anonymous asked:
Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
If not, do you have a crush on someone?

No, I’m not dating anyone right now (though I sincerely think someone in my life right now would make my life quality at least a bit better ><).
And yes I do havee a cruusshhh.. >o>

Anonymous asked:
What do you like in a guy/girl?

Hmm.. This is a hard one! uuhm. ehehe, so embarrassing but here we go.
I like when it when they’re comfortable around me and when I can be comfortable around them. UHM. Short hair. Long hair. Short appearance. UHM. SO MUCH SHORT. Though I don’t mind tall people! I’m so confused by this question that I can’t even answer well.. @v@” I DON’T CARE AS LONG AS THEY ARE NICE AND CARE ABOUT THE OTHER’S STUFF/THINGS TOO. And don’t just blabber their own stuff without giving a fuck what I’m saying. I don’t want to be quiet all the time.. D’:
THE END. I guess I’m a bit unclear but you can uh ask more specifically if you wish or something if there’s something left unclear? asdökljeföoihr

What I learned today

Pennsylvania =/= Pennyslavia

Mom is my best friend

Because she’s all free today and we’re going out because none of my friends can! ;o; This is the first day I really feel like getting out of this house to the warm summer day instead of sitting here XD


I’ve been thinking about the name Deadmau5, and its pronunciation. I know it’s like, Deadmouse, but some people pronounce it as Deadmaufive. And hey, I think many of the people who’s listening to Deadmau5 has been there. I don’t know why it’s such a big deal if someone mispronounces the name. I don’t really care if someone mispronounces it in front of me. I might mention the correct one, yes. But that’s it, I’m not going to rage about it or break necks. If Joel himself finds it stupid that people can’t read 5 as an s, then I wouldn’t suggest pronouncing it as Deadmaufive in front of him. I even know some who mispronounces it wrong on purpose! I really care more of his music than how the name is pronounced.

Have a running Chell. pff

Have a running Chell. pff

I’m so happy

I’m so happy guys, you have no idea ;u; I hope you all are too.

Stephen Merchant was on the TV

It was so weird.. o__o ..

Once upon a time in history class, Nappi decided to draw on the blackboard ..

Once upon a time in history class, Nappi decided to draw on the blackboard ..


Even Pyro gets annoyed sometimes


Even Pyro gets annoyed sometimes

I bet Meet the Medic comes out while I’m asleep


» YOU SPIN ME RIGHT ROUND BABY: Reno & Qu Saxxy Awards live on Skype


[01:31:18] Reno: I’M EXPLODIIIIING
[01:31:24] Qurugu: I ALREADY DID SHIIT
[01:31:27] Qurugu: KLJASCKLJGE
[01:31:29] Qurugu: AAAAAAAAAAAA
[01:31:29] Qurugu: zdföxofjyk
[01:31:32] Qurugu: MY GOD
[01:31:32] Qurugu: THIS IS
[01:31:35] Qurugu: THE MOST
[01:31:39] Qurugu: TERRIFYING THING EVER

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