What’s the world coming to when even your parents are getting tumblr



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Moderat - Let in the Light

I did not know which photo to pick, because i’m sort of a poopface so here, have them all!!!

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Stressed? Have some super peaceful electronica music. :)

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Feel it now - Alex Johnson, Chris Allen, Chris Satterthwaite

ew my cat wants to make out with m- oh nvm, she doesn’t, false alarm

teehee! ouo

teehee! ouo

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I was bored in my car on the way to davis. LOL

It WAS a double rainbow, except my shit cellphone camera couldnt get it in all its glory xD

Yo, Justin!!

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I get irked by Tumblr guides on how to draw or write because a lot of them seem to be “You MUST do this, or it won’t be any good!” and that’s… really not true or fair. Creating is about doing something YOU love. Putting forth YOUR vision, and no tutorial or guide should limit you in what you do.

So what if you use a lot of words in a certain way. It makes you look less professional, but it’s the way you want to put a phrase forth. Don’t change it for the sake of professionalism, or someone else’s vision. Don’t let other’s ideas bog down your own. Write how YOU want to write. You’re the one telling the story!

Train trips are so depressing these days

Train trips are so depressing these days

I swear, these cats… UvU

Washed Out - Within and Without

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